• Hi everybody

    I try to put text in to a scene in a very simple way, 
    to create a "chat conversation" in live.
    How can i show the writing text in the stage ?
    at real time, i mean, at the same time that the text is written ?
    Thanks for any information
    Adolfo K
  • Beta Platinum

    Hello Adolfo,

    Here's a simple "Chat" box using the controls window. Just enter your text in the white edit text box.

    You can edit the text layout parameter in actor/programming view.

    Be sure you are in the "controls" or controls/actor split view to enter text.



  • Hey Ian

    thanks a lot !
    Best for you too !

  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing, its a great patch!
    I wonder if its possible to switch between two different realtime text editors and that the passive one is visible?
    I also wonder if its possible to adjust self-acting line break?