Isadora Workshop, Five Day Intensive plus 2 Day Applied, August 20-26 2012, Hackney, London

  • Taught by visual artist, performer/designer jamie griffiths (UK/Canada). Pro-Isadora user and izzy advocate since 2002

    Setting up an interactive performance system with Isadora & OSC software, handheld wireless controllers, responsive video, sound and lighting.

    A fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Starts at the beginning and ramps quickly through over the five days to cover all the basics of using Isadora for Video, Audio and Basic DMX Lighting.

    Full curriculum and registration at this link:

    If you already have steady experience, but are seeking to move up to more complex designs then there is the 2 Day Applied Workshop on Aug 25-6th. This workshop presumes existing familiarity with Isadora software, and works well as a follow up to previous intensive workshops.  Learn how to use third party softwares to extend the capabilities of your design; kinect camera depth and skeleton tracking, DMX lighting with the Lanbox/Enttec and the matrix actors, 3D particle systems, Syphon (video sharing between softwares), Arduino setup and more by request.

  • What is Pro-Isadora and how does one get a hold of it?


  • Jamie is the pro-Isadora user. She was not produced by TroikaTronix -- she was produced by Mr. & Mrs. Griffiths. Perhaps you can speak with them about obtaining a copy. ;-)

  • LOL... yep, that's right Mark. Sorry for any confusion in the posting. Poorly worded on my part.  :0 !

  • This was awesome.  I highly recommend anyone to do Jamie's workshops.