• Programing a new patch or a new user actor some time the number of connections between actors is very, very, very high. That is an issue some time when, maybe a lot time after, I try to fix-change something.

    IMHO if you introduce the feature to change color to a specific connector, to create a group of them and so on should help a lot.
    Any one agree with me?
  • Tech Staff

    I have seen patches were the patcher has added spare connections with names like '--------' to separate groups of connections.
    Indeed, I adopted the practice for large actors as well.
    The introduction of a separator might be both an easy/fast and functional solution

  • Izzy Guru


    I used the "-------" for example in my timer tool.


  • @Michel @DusX thanks a lot for the tip, but probably my bad english is not enough to explain exactly what I mean. I speak about the red line between the actors....some time when patch is lager than screen i must scroll all around to see where a connection go (exemplum: an enter scene trigger set all that i need? If I have a unique colour from enter scene trigger actor when i check actor by actor i can easily verify if all is well done)

    I know, probably this is a problem just for me, but in next releses of Isadora i wish to have mor option to customize actors (i don't like their blue/gray  "faces" ;-) ) connections and so on.
    Maybe for Xmas.....I'll ask it to Santa Mark...  :-)
  • Izzy Guru


    If you click on a red line it changes it's color to green and if you click on a green line (active line) it changes it's green to a brighter one.


  • @Michel of course, I know it....I'm not so noob :-) I mean someting static...in my e.g., I spoke only of Enter Scene...but some time should be a couple  (or more) condition in input...two different colours  help me to check patching.

    Ok it seems that this kind of feature is wished only by me...
  • Tech Staff

    I have thought that it would be nice to have a color for connections to the active actor.

    If you click on an actor it changes to a highlight color. 
    It might be useful to highlight all its connections too.

  • i'll tell you where i am on this.

    often my patches are evolved as my idea of what might be possible evolves through what i make. for me the net result is a very very messy patch that becomes increasingly difficult to navigate around when i try to adapt what is already there.  i accept that through my care free method of programming i end up with difficult to manage patches.
    my strategy to manage this problem , that i've made, is to tidy up the patch into user actors so that my blocks of programming become easier to manage when editing.
    i can add that in times of frustration when i'm trying to resolve why a patch is not doing what i expect it to do, i do occasionally have thoughts about colour coded patch cords to help me navigate around my screen. my screen is small, this is another problem i have created for myself.
    my solution is to improve what i do can to make my patching more efficient.
    through looking at patches made by others posted on this forum i have seen and picked up tips about how to house keep my patches more efficiently. one of  @michel  patches used comment boxes to help the layout of the patch. where i can i add these type of markers. i find that they take more time to add, however when returning to a patch after sometime they act as a map around the patch that helps me find where i am and quickly refreshes my knowledge of what i've made.
  • Izzy Guru


    Yep comment areas are very helpfull.

  • I like using the comments as described by Michel, but it would be good to add ability to send the comment notes ot the background, and lock them, similar to how this can be done in the control panel.

    Feature Requests are always welcome. Infact it is how the program grows and matures, so @Maximortal please submit an official feature request here: http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    Select 'feature request' as the 'Topic' when you submit it.
    Discussion on the forum is useful, but the request will get offically processed if you submit the request online through the ticketed support system. First it gets reviewed by tech support and priority is suggested. It is then passed on to Mark.


  • Or better yet to be able to connect/attach given Actors to the specific comment field. Like a kind of open User Actor.

    So I make a field where I can write comments and place Actors that are lockable to it. These fields can be moved, minimized, stacked - together with the Actors on it.