Movies playing even in empty scenes?

  • on .b12
    can't understand why but there is a bug that plays 2 movies in all the scenes, superimposing on whatever is there and playing even in empty scenes...

  • Tech Staff


    In your screenshot next to the selected "untitled" scene you also have the "global dmx", "Duration player" and "movie players" scene activated. Maybe this is the problem.


  • Tech Staff

    Not related but the visuals look stunning!

  • @Michel
    thank you guys, I'm sure you are right Michel, thing is, I don't have any actors recalling the "movie players" scene, I need to investigate further, also this is an intermittent situation
    Graham I did that with Apo AFMac

  • Tech Staff

    Have you got a link forĀ Apo AFMac?

  • [](

    then you need to render the png's (like 24/25 or 30 p.s. to create movies; very long process...) open in a timeline like FC or others to create a self contained movie

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