Net broadcaster sendind but listener is not receiving

  • Hello,

    I am using two copies of Isadora, one is running on Mac and the other is running on Windows, I am trying to send messages between the two applications. 
    The Mac application sends and receives information via Net Broadcaster and Listener. But the Windows application just sends information, even if I put the Net broadcaster and the listener in the Windows App, it does´nt receive anything. 
    I checked the rules in my windows firewall and I am allowing all packages to be transmitted and received...
    Any suggestions? Thanks...

  • Dear Kappuz,

    Are you running your network connection through a router? (I.e., something that generates DHCP addresses.) A simple ethernet switch usually won't allow [multicasting](, which is the technology required to use the Net Broadcaster.) For instance, a point-to-point (computer-to-computer) ethernet connection usually won't work for multicasting.
    If you happen to have two Macs on a network, you could check the multicast connectivity using this tool:
    Best Wishes,

  • Hello Mark,

    I tried with the router and without it and it is the same behavior, I own the license for the mac, which recieves the data with the listener without problems, I tried with two windows computers and they does not receive the data, they just send. Windows sofware have no license, I make the sessions in the mac and the test them in PC.
    What can be the problem?

  • Dear Kappuz,

    OK. You've found a bug. In fact, the Windows side isn't receiving; I discovered that when I made upgrade to the most recent Microsoft compiler, the TCP/IP library was changed (kind of "behind my back") and this led to an incompatibility with multicasting.
    For the record, the Net Broadcaster/Listener combo will work fine regardless of whether or not either version is licensed. Generally speaking, the demo of Isadora does everything except save.
    I will be contacting you via private message with a version to try to see if it solves the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark, I expect your answer.


  • This bug has been solved. The fix will be available in 1.3.0f26.

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