Global colour correction and push slider value on enter scene

  • This is 2 queries in one...

    I am using a Blackmagic pocket cine cam and Panasonic DLP projector. I am running the show on Izzy 1.3.0f32, which has been the workhorse of the piece, so am reluctant to upgrade without thorough testing. The image from the Pocket is great but quite desaturated, even in "Video" colour mode. The projector is great at reproducing accurate colour, but its colour adjustments don't do what I want in terms of resaturating the image.
    **So question one:** is there any way to apply a global colour correction? 
    **Question two:** I am adding HSL actors to the projectors in each scene, with sliders controlling the values from a shared control panel. Problem is that the sliders don't affect the values upon entering the scene, so any adjustments still have to be "confirmed" scene by scene, with the danger that they might vary. Is there a way to push slider values to an actor on enter scene?
    Any advice appreciated!

  • answer 1: are you on Mac? can you get a bit more saturation by calibrating the display in system settings?

    answer 2: can you use an 'enter scene value' or 'listener' connected to a 'broadcaster' sending values from a separate scene?
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    answer 2: if you are putting the HSL actors into a user actor that gets placed in every scene and you select save and update all they should all have the same values.


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    Answer 3 : or you put the projector with cool correction on a secondary scene always active while you send video with broadcaster actor. I never tried but it should work

  • Thanks for the feedback, will try out and see which works best...

    Will also file a feature request for global colour correction, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has wanted to do this
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  • @mockej
    When you added the control panel sliders you should doble-click it to enable 'Show Value of Linked Properties'
    This then allows the sldier to read back the values from the scenes as it enters them, allowing two-way communication between the actors and your control panel slider.

    Screen grab attached


  • Dear All,

    Avoid the HSL Adjust actor as a tool for color correction.

    Please note: the HSL Adjust actor is very slow. Please avoid that solution, as it is 1) CPU based, and 2) one of the slowest effect actors in Isadora. (The algorithm is complex.) It is pretty much unusuable on HD content.

    If,on the other hand, you have Isadora 2.0 and a FreeFrameGL equivalent to HSL Adjust, then you'd be in much better shape.

    (Does anyone know where there is an equivalent FFGL plugin?)

    Best Wishes,

  • If someone is proficient in Quartz Composer they could build a HSL colour correction patch. Obviously Mac only but could help the OP.