Characters encoding in Javascript

  • Hello,

    I'm experimenting the new object Javascript in the V2, for coding some strings. I've a problem with the accented characters of the output values. Does anybody know how I can change the charset of my strings?

    Thank you,

  • Hi Stephane
    Are you wanting to output text in french?

    (@DusX, @Mark)

  • Hi Primald,

    Yes, you guess! I'ld like to output text in French, with characters like é, à, è.

    I'ld to concatenate 2 strings, and I thought that the new Javascript object could be great. The only problem is the charset. Any idea to do it?
    I attach a patch to be completely clear.

  • @primaldivine

    This capability has not been tested at all.. currently I think it's reading ASCII only. We'll need to see if it's possible to have multi-lingual support... please file a bug report on this one so we won't lose track.


  • Thank you Mark for your answer. I'll file a bug report about this and the abaility to work with UTF-8.
    Do you think it's possible to concatenate strings with others objects?



  • The Text Formattter actor will concatenate strings. Just use two parameters

    p1 p2

    and feed the strings into the two inputs.


  • Thanks Mark for your tip.


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