Multiple projectors -- single stage 'surface'

  • With all of the fantastic new v2 features in IzzyMap and the easy access of Stage Setup, I'm curious if there is now a simple way to create a, pardon the QLab parlance, "surface" that spreads across multiple projectors with integrated edge curvature?  It's the one thing I've taken to in QLab and currently this operation still seems a little clunky in Isadora v2--specifically in that it still seems to require multiple stages and therefore individual settings.


  • Dear @philifor

    Going in this direction is clearly something along those lines needs to happen.Whether or not I can finish this for the November release is a question. It may have to be an update that comes a month or two later, because it changes something fundamental about Isadora's functionality.

    Best Wishes,

  • I'll second that Idea.

    I'm not sure how would be best or most efficient to implement..
    But the project I'm working on now would benefit form something like that. 
    In my case the desire would be able to place a smaller Stage within a larger Stage
    so to be able to break a large 3840pix stage in to three "logical" stages --> each a separate stage (1,2,3)
    but then also the larger stage could also be a target (stage 4) encompassing all three other stages...
    Now with the possibility of 4k screens this could sort of work as a Reverse Matrox three head to go...
    it kinda seems like there are a few ways that could be done with "stage setup" -> but that would need an Opacity/Mix function for the overlapping stages?
    just an out loud think....

  • Dear Garret,

    Well, in 2.0 there is an actor called "Virtual Stage" with a vid-gpu output that can then be fed to other vid-gpu actors. This is working with some actors, but not all yet. But the concept would allow you to do the kind of things you describe in your post.
    Best Wishes,