Coming soon. Share between PC and Mac via TCPSpout and TCPSyphon

  • Tech Staff

    Reading the manual for the newly released Spout V2 beta, I found an interesting new tool... soon to be released.

    **TCPSpout    **
    TCPSpout enables streaming from a Spout sender on one computer to a Spout receiver on another via TCP/IP on a network and is equivalent to TCPSyphon. Spout to Syphon communication is therefore possible. The software features low latency and parameter adjustment to match the network bandwidth available for minimal quality loss and high framerate, typically achieving the target rate 60fps.......
    Will be available here:

  • Tech Staff

    Oh man, that would be fantastic

  • a dream come true!!!!!

  • How many users are currently working well with TCPSyphon?
    Am curious to see feedback on this from Mac Users....


  • Tech Staff


    I made a few tests and it performs quite well, I am acutally impressed. Though it has to show how well it performs when audience is in the room.


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