Triggering Isadora through ETC console

  • Hello all,

    I don't know why it has taken me this long to connect the two but I'm looking to trigger Isadora through an ETC console.
    Yes, I'm behind the times here but never needed to before.  So I'm looking to trigger Isadora cues using our (yes, old) ETC Obsession II console.  I'm thinking a Midi signal would output the signal to our Mac Mini.  
    Knowing that a LanBox will allow Isadora to control DMX output, I'm just looking to send the signal in one direction:  console to Izzy.
    Question here....what do I need to make this happen?  Do I need a intermediate device to convert the midi for the Mac Mini?    We are on ETCnet with the lighting system, if that helps.

  • If you just want to have the obsession fire cues in isadora use Midi Show Control. Isadora has a Midi Show Control Watcher. You need a USB midi adapter like a M-Audio Uno or something similar. The Obsession II console has a midi port and outputs MSC.

  • Excellent.  Thanks for the advice.