Isadora 2.0 Win performance report

  • Performance test on Isadora 2.0.4b Win

    Set up test 
    • PC: SO Win 8.1 | Primary drive SSD Crucial R4 250 gb , secondary drive WD Raptor 10k rpm 300 gb | CPU Intel i7 920 | MB Asus P6T deluxe v1 (so no sata III connections) | 24 gb Ram @1600 MHz | AMD Radeon hd 5770 driver 14.9 ...... pretty good config  but far far away from high end config.
    • Projector: 5000 ANSI/Lumen full HD connected trough VGA cable 
    • Video:  4 different  .AVI 1080p  encoded H264 video AC3 audio
    • Isadora: target 30fps, Native format check, Full frame antialiase each video has it's own texture player and texture projector. Each projector has a specific mapping (basically a scaling to quarter size and some x,y off set)
    FPS 30 FPS stable, if some parameter is changed it drop 1-2 frames
    cycles 150-220
    Same setup HW/ SW but classic projectors and classic movie players 13-18 FPS and no chanche to change some parameters
    in two words: IMPRESSIVE MARK!!!!!!!

  • Very nice to hear. Thank you! ;-)