Underwater Live Feed - Looking for a camera

  • Hi all!
    Looking for a camera that is capable of streaming video from underwater.  I had looked around and so far I can find this: http://www.camsecure.co.uk/UnderwaterWebcam.html, but it's pretty low res.  Anyone out there know (or can think of) a possible setup?

  • Or this one: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/910284-REG/panasonic_hx_a100d_hx_a100_full_hd_wearable.html
    But I think the question is the ability to stream live (in real time, or close to it).

  • I recently made my own, I used optical quality perspex and large gauge PVC for the camera container and built a fixed mount inside. I only needed SDI so I found some expensive industrial waterproof BNC terminal and connector kits and under the sea we go.

    There is an underwater housing for the go pro with HDMI coming out of it (it uses a fixed HDMI line and a dual camera underwater case to get the space to have the cable), but it is go pro, maybe this is ok for you though.
    There are not many affordable solutions and generally wireless has trouble underwater- how deep do you need to go?

  • Yes, building my own has crossed my mind. 
    A GoPro would be fine, but the Hero3 underwater housing with HDMI output sems hard to find on the internet.  Seems everywhere it's discontinued :(
    As far as depth, the pool is only 4ft. and I'll be about (max.) 20 feet away. A wireless option COULD work also.  For instance, installing EpocCam software and having a router to create a local network and put my phone (gasp!) in a drycase and anchoring it underwater.  This is my least favorite option as I like my phone (and can't afford another one).
    For context: I'm part of a festival that has agreed to purchase a camera setup for me.  They are running on a tight budget, so I'm looking on the least expensive side.