Picture Player displays JPEG as noise... any suggestions?

  • Hello all.

    I've encountered a problem that I've never had before, and thought I would ask if anyone had any suggestions.
    I'm trying to just use the Picture Player actor to show an image. It's connected to the Projector actor, and all of the settings are A-OK, but instead of displaying the image, my stage preview shows noise/snow/fuzz... any ideas?
    I've tried deleting and replacing each actor, starting a new show file, deleting and replacing the jpeg from the media list, etc etc. It's just a handful of files that aren't loading, so it must be something with the JPEGs - I've tried compressing them (so I've tried at 5MB/image and 1MB/image), which didn't help either.
    Very strange, as this is something that has worked a hundred times before and is super simple.
    Thanks in advance for taking a look.
    --- Not sure if this should be categorized as a Bug Report or a How To --- 

  • Dear Rebecca,

    What kind of computer? (Mac or Win)
    What type of processor (Intel, PowerPC)
    What is the resolution of the picture in pixels?
    Best Wishes,

  • Using Windows, Intel i5-2430M@2.4GHz.

    The images are 4608x3072, 300dpi originally- which of course means that when I tried to compress them, I probably didn't compress them enough, because they are HUGE. I will keep trying with smaller and smaller images... 

  • Well, I would try the following:

    Max width = 4096
    Make the width a multiple of 16
    See if that helps.
    Best Wishes,