• Isadora 2.0.0b12

    Was doing a bit of tinkering this afternoon and came across a bug in the 3D Renderer. 
    When sending 3d particles to the 3D renderer if the user changes the Channel value on the 3D renderer to select a different particle source the 3D renderer stops rendering the particles. Only reloading the scene will connect the particles up to the renderer again.
    The particles are still being generated as switching back to Stage in the 3D Particles node shows them being generated.
    I'm very new to Isadora so this may be operator error and I'm using the Channel selector in a way not intended. The obvious (and tested) workaround is to duplicate the 3D Render and Projector and activate the required projector instead.
    Mac Pro, 10.10 24GB etc.
  • Tech Staff

    I will look into this.

    In the mean time I would suggest, using pairs of 3d particles + 3d renderer, and run the output of each into a 'selector' this way you can switch the active stream via the selector.

  • Thank you DusX.

    The reason why I was using the Channel input of the 3D Renderer to select which particle stream to render was I thought having several renderers rendering 3D particles in the background may be a larger performance hit. Do you know if this is the case DusX?