• I just realized that the new and awesome Movie Player actor for izzy 2.0's pan function doesn't seem to be working--it doesn't pan at all, just stays in 50/50 stereo to my ear. I've checked other movie players (classic movie player, texture movie player) the pan are all working to my ear.
    I'm not sure if there's a quick fix to this. Just want to put it out there. It would be really cool to have pan function working for this installation where images and sound can correspond even in spatial orientation.

  • Thanks Chimerik,
    Can you file a bug report online? http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/

    The next beta release has a fix fro multi-channel audio support, but this could be a separate issue.
    Please list your OS on the report.


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    Interesting about the multichannel support

  • Dear All + @chimerik,

    For the new movie player:

    AVFoundation does not support panning. (Oh, Apple!) So this is, unfortunately, not a bug, but expected behavior when the mode is set to "performance" and Isadora is using AVFoundation for playback.

    If you are playing with the mode set to "interaction" -- where playback is being handled by QuickTime -- then the pan should work.

    Also, for what it's worth, multi-channel support is also only available (in the next version) with QuickTime under Mac OS X.


  • OK thanks very much Mark!

    I'll try to switch it to "interaction" and see if the pan works automatically and that frame-rate is still good, if not, I'll just leave it as it is :)