Relative MIDI Encoders?

  • Hi,

    I'm building a control setup for my Akai MPK61 MIDI controller which has 3 banks of 8 knobs. The issue with these knobs is that they are "endless" and don't have any marking as to the value they're set at.
    So I can control an effect with Knob 1 on bank A, but when I switch to bank B, that same knob will make whatever parameter it's linked to jump to whatever value it was last set at.

    I can set NRPN values for the knobs which would allow them to just send values of +1 or -1, which would fix this issue, but I don't know if Isadora supports NRPN.

    Otherwise, I was wondering if there was anyway to make the knobs between banks function like they do in Ableton Live. In live you can set knobs to what I think is called "relative" mode where the midi value and the value of the parameter being changing is scaled until they are in sync. Ableton also has a setting that deactivates editing of the parameter until the knob has reached that value. So if my knob is at "0" and the parameter is at "100", the "100" value won't change until the knob gets to 100, instead of jumping down to "3" as soon as I start moving the knob. I think this would preferable to relative scaling.

    Does this make sense?

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  • Tech Staff

    Have you checked what Isadora receives from the controller using the 'monitor' window?
    My Akai only switched banks of pads, not the sliders or knobs, so I am not able to look at it myself.

    But I have the endless knobs, and would have thought the controller should remember the banks value, and send that accordingly since the knobs placement doesn't matter.
    When you say that the param will jump to the value of the last bank, is this a momentary thing.. like it jumps up and then right back to the current knobs position if you move it slightly??

    I would be interested in seeing a screen capture of the monitor window, with an explanation of what step are taken at each point so that we can determine the data flow.

  • Yes you can, build modifiers (user actors on/off) for the banks,

    comparator value gates combined with data array or trigger value for the knobs if needed,

    I transmit all via OSC it enables sever client as well, using several midi controllers,

    got my inspiration from Traktor DJ mappings

    everything is possible, ….

    I think you asking for soft takeover.


  • Hey thanks so much for replying.

    DusX, It seems like the knobs and fades work exactly as I hoped them to do! Weird because they're funny in every DAW I've used. I just assumed they would do the same without any software intervention.

    Thank you rainbow, I will look into that.

  • Tech Staff

    Good to know that it worked out for you.
    Isadora has very good Midi support.

  • hello, 

    I don't know if this little patch will be useful anymore, for me very much so I share : 

    just a way to make encoders sending absolute value to Isadora