[SOLVED] Show media at actual size

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if there's a way in Isadora to display a media file at its actual resolution as opposed to being stretched to fill the stage. For example, I have a 1400x1050 stage, and in my scene I drop a picture player and connect it to a projector. I set the picture player to a media file that's 400x300 pixels. Currently this image is then stretched to occupy the entire stage. Instead of this, I want the image to be displayed at its 'actual' resolution in relation to the stage. (I have the Keep Aspect Ratio setting on so there's no distortion occurring; it's simply a matter of overall scale.)

    I want this functionality because I am using multiple separate images that fade up independently but are all part of one final image. The final image was pre-composed in Photoshop and sliced up into images (with different sizes and aspect ratios). When I bring these into Isadora I don't want to have to manually scale each one since they'd have unique scale factors. It's a headache. I want them to all be displayed at the right scale in relation to each other since the original media files are already correct.
    I hope this all makes sense... Any thoughts?
    Is there a way perhaps to make the 'zoom' parameter be in relation to the original media size and not the stage size? Then a zoom of 100% would be exactly what I'm looking for :)

  • Hi,

    I was searching to find the same answer to this question? I have media that are all different sizes and everything keeps stretching.

    Ideally i wan't a 16x9 background pic with different sizes changing on top of it.

    Every simple test I try is stretching. Even keep aspect ratio has no effect.

  • Izzy Guru

    Your problem is actually solved easy. Just set your video settings in the preferences to either scale to largest or scale to smallest image. Yours gets stretched because you have set it to "scale to default resolution".

    Yours needs a bit of math. See attached patch. 

    Best Michel

  • Izzy Guru


    Oops, just saw that the initial post is 4 years old. Not sure if @AEB will see the answer.

    Best Michel 

  • Tech Staff

    You can place an image at scale using this user actor:
    DX graphicPlacer-ZoomCalc.iua
    It uses the stage dimensions, and the image dimensions, to determine the correct Zoom setting for a projector to use to place the image at its native size.
    NOTE: It requires Fullscreen stage viewing for correct scale... stage preview will have the image at the correct size for fullscreen.

  • Thanks so much for the info. I’ll try it all in the morning.

  • It's works perfectly. Thanks