Possible bug in Text/ure Actor (Windows only)

  • Hello

    on my windows 7 machine, i'm running 2.0.0b4\. using a simple patch of Text/ure to Projector, things aren't displaying properly.
    it'll display the first line, and sometimes the last line, and any in-between lines that are more than one character, but if in-between lines are just one character they don't output.
    it's working fine on my Mac.
    i'm trying to create a sequence of single numbers that are sent consecutively. i can get around it with a series of JPEGs but i'd rather do it with generated text.
    (on a side note - the new Text/ure has a font and pt selection menu within the Edit Text window, which only has an effect inside that window - the output is still controlled by the Actor's inputs. i thought this was a bit odd, that's all)

  • Hi Dbini,
    Is it possible to send it a bug report ? http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    Sounds like it should be easy to recreate but sending it in creates a ticket number and assigns it into our priorty lists.