• Hi

    I just installed 2.0b12 on a mac pro with 10.7.5 and USB key here in denmark (sissel romme/Gränselös theatre).
    There is no new interface, just the old one, and it does not load any quartz composer patches at all.

  • Hi Fubbi,
    Can you file a bug report to the ticket system so we can track the details and put in into the priority list?

  • Hi Fubbi,
    I tested vb12 with my USB and QC actors all show up correctly for me.
    If you file a report ticket we can dig into the details. Are you on Yosemite, by any chance?
    Perhaps you don't have permission to access the compositions folder?

  • Hi

    I was just briefly in denmark to help out, so I cant even follow up on this. They are on 10.7.5 and I just installed the latest beta to show them. 
    The interface was the old brighter version, the splash however was blue and the info said the version was right and that the registration was valid. 
    Freeframe was visible. It didnt load QC. 
    Its not really a priority because they are up and running with the old version. I just thought it was worth mentioning in case it comes up again.
    Sorry that I cant post a proper bug report. If the it happens again I will dig in and make a proper report.
    Thank you

  • If your Danish colleagues haven't upgraded their USB license to a V2 early adopter license wouldn't that explain why they're not seeing certain features like the new interface?

  • HI Fubbi,
    Yes, just installing v2.0.0b12 from the download will not unlock v2.0 features and so not showing the Modern theme is to be expected. It has to be registered with an upgraded license.
    However this should not affect loading of Quartz Composer plugins unless they had changed the location of their plugins previously in the preferences. If so the new version would have the default QuartzComposer plugin location and would therefore not find their QC Compositions if they have them in a different directory. Possiblet o check with them about that?

  • Hi

    Just to close this thread. I am back here now and you were right @primaldivine 
    upgraded and it instantly snapped into dark awesomeness