Quartz Composer filter render changes in v2?

  • Testing some old scenes I found some changes with QC filters.

    Dose it mean QC patches are now using QC filter protocol, if so, many thanks to Mark, juhu.

    Isadora v2 latest no update OS X 10.10


  • Something wrong with QC patches image out? image to image user actor a good workaround.

  • Dear @rainbow,

    If you feel that there is a bug of some kind, please take the time to file a formal bug report here. I'm deep into fixing bugs and if there is a problem I will solve it. Please give as much detail as possible so we can recreate the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @Mark, I made a bug report on this, I don’t use QC patches inside Isadora.

    Syphon to video actor helps to get good performance results,

    keep on running for best ever.

    best ...

  • Dear Isadora users, here is my image to image user actor, I think it uses a lot of your mac's power but at least all QC patches work as expected, too sad no response from the gurus at all. 822396-image-to-image.iua

  • Dear Rainbow,

    I just looked at your bug report. Can you please send mea  Quartz Composer patch that exhibits the problem? I will test it with the latest version, because the way in which QC stuff is rendered is changed and it may fix it.
  • Beta Platinum

    I recognized a difference in a qc patch when switching to Isadora V2. It is working but looks different. Attached the quartz file. 9145e4-echo1.qtz.zip

  • Dear @feinsinn,

    Can you please describe the difference so I know what I'm looking for?
    Best Wishes,
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    Dear @mark,

    Thanx for taking time.
    I would describe the effect was smoother before. So the video delay was less choppy. I think it also depends on the settings. I made a screenshot of the numbers inside the qc patch how it was used in the performance in february 14\. It was a preversion of 2.0\. If you need to know the exact version number, I can try to find it out. I think something like: 153f7
    Here a link to a video how the effect looked before:
    All the best,


  • Dear Mark, I will build you a test file as soon as I have more time,

    I know it is tricky to find out  yourself, I am not using Isadora for my recent works because of too many bugs for my usage.

    Having some Quartz Composer protocol knowledge one should have enough information.

    CI movie player actor has this bug, combine with ... fx and see (sprite, billboard output)

    I don’t have Isadora installed on every mac anymore sorry.

    @feinsinn thanks for the joke :))

    best ...

  • Dear @rainbow,

    Well, I'm not sure what the problem is. I just checked some Quartz Composer patches using both the Sprite output and the Billboard output. When connecting them to both a Projector actor and another Quartz Composer effect, they worked as expected. I saw an output, etc.
    I attached one: it is called "cloud-animation-sprite.qtz" - it uses the Sprite output and it works well for me.
    It would be really nice if you would send me one of the Quartz Composer plugins that was causing a problem for you.
    Best Wishes,


  • Generator imagefilter projector!!! Black stage!!!! thx!,,

  • CI movie player imagefilter projector!! Same same!!!!

  • Izzy Guru


    with imagefilter do you mean any ci filter?

  • QC filter image filter patch!!!!!! thx

  • Izzy Guru


    No problem here.

  • Read the instructions above and you see

  • Izzy Guru


    That is what I understood. So to help me please tell me what actors I have to use, QC filter and image filter are no specific actors.

    I would describe my patch above like this:
    CI Movie player --> QC ASCII Art --> CI Projector

    Can you please do this as well so I understand what you mean.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dear @Michel, back on a PC I will try one more time to explain this for you guys.

    CI Movie player --> QC image filter patch (sprite, billboard output)  --> CI Projector
    Same with QC generator --> QC image filter patch (sprite, billboard output)  --> CI Projector
    since we are talking about QC I use image not video to explain this bug I have here.
    No image signal on the input of the QC filter using (sprite, billboard output) QC protocol uses image out.
    Hope this will solve our misunderstanding for good.
    Had some difficulties on iPad, because the input message window on the forum page keeps growing and gets real large, thats why I could post only short messages.
    best wishes

  • Dear @MichelCI Movie player --> QC image filter v002 Rutt Etra (sprite, billboard output)  --> CI Projector

    I changed the QC patch output to image out, and everything was fine, 
    "Dose it mean QC patches are now using QC filter protocol"
    CI video in works. CI movie player and all QC generators have the bug.
    syphon to image crashes the app.
    My user actor image to image solves this, but performance is real slow.
    No problem, I have good QC knowledge and can build everything, I do not need Isadora.
    best wishes