Streaming from an ip address?

  • Hi,
    Just got a Air Pro camera by ION (kind of like a GoPro).  It has a built in WiFi, so it can stream to an IP address.  My question is: can you stream from an IP address in Isadora?  I have a PC.  I know in a MAC you could possible utilize Syphon (which I'm unfamiliar with at the moment since I don't have access to a MAC).  But this determines if I bring this nifty little camera back to the store (which could make me sad). 
    Also this little camera is waterproof up to 30', but can't stream from underwater.  But great for pre-recorded footage.
    Any insight would be helpful.
    thank you!

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    There is syphon for windows: its called spout

  • I am not familiar with ION cameras. But I have experimenting with GoPro's a bit. So far the biggest obstacle for live feed has been high latency - varies 2-4 seconds. Although the new Hero 4 black has great improvement on this matter(it has been reduced to about half second now).

    So this video lag issue should be taken into consideration when using these cameras for wireless feed. 
    Sorry this does not answer your question.
    BTW there is Epocam app(and discussion about it on this forum),0301-46504.html
    It does video streaming from **iOS** device rather well.
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    Where did you get the info that the live feed latency has been reduced to about 1/2 seconds?


  • Michel, I did not get the information and I may be mistaking. Just my experience with Hero4 Black and iPad Mini running iOS 8.1 has been live monitoring almost real time. Did not try with Isadora though.

    Also I read somewhere(possibly goprouser forum) that live may be sent over Bluetooth. Sorry I have no time to investigate that.