Izzy 2.xx project development

  • Currently I am working on a project that will premiere in late March.  I am using 2.12 as I am incorporating mapping onto three different stages.  I am using a MacPro 6-core.

    Is it best to create this (large) project using the traditional projectors (CPU) or design it using the texture components to take advantage of the processing speed.  I am concerned that as mentioned in Mark's description, the texture actors will be replaced by the "new" projector (I assume that means that the texture actors will go away). Will this make what will be hundreds of actors nonfunctioning when the new version it released?
    Also… Can there be a specific discussion-area for 2.xx users?
    Please advise…
  • Izzy Guru


    Best would be to use the texture projector.
    Your actors will not disappear, they will either be automatically replaced by the new projector or the texture projector will stay in the old projects but you can't add them to new projects.

    But you will not have to do all the work again.