• I'm currently a PhD student in Paris 8 (Aesthetics, sciences and Art technologies). I would like to know before considering the use of Isadora for my project:
      • If it's possible to create some ''realistic" 3D fluids like water, smoke, sands with Isadora?

      • if it's possible to import 3D fluids animations created with Maya to Isadora? if yes, can we make this content interactive? for example: when somebody wink, the water falls.

      I would like to the thank you very much, in advance, for your answer, that will help me a lot to decide which programs I have to use to realise my project.



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      [@Elhem](http://www.troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/profile/Elhem) You can't create realistic 3d fluids in Isadora.  You can import .3ds files into Isadora and move them in space also interactive with kinect and other input devices. But what you want to achieve seems only possible with the combination of different software (for example e-motion). I suggest you post this in the forum because hundreds of people can help more than just one.


  • Due to the amount of control and power needed to generate these kinds of simulations, no node based software will let you do this. You will have to code the stuff yourself. 3d fluid is particularly hard, 2d fluid is ok, and depending on what you need you may get away with it. Memo Akten has coded a very widely used fluid library that is running in processing, openframeworks and cinder.

    Some info is here
    3D fluid or realistic water simulation generally requires programming image kernels or some equivalent for your platform. Some basic info is here

  • I would like to thank you very much for your answer and for these usefull links. I will read carrefully the content of the second link and come back with some other questions.