Crossfade from Bin Picker with one Projector?

  • I'm trying to get my patch to crossfade from bin picker selections to a single projector so I don't have to run two copies of the signal processing I have.

    Attached is a patch of this working with two projectors I took from a post michel made on this forum as well as my attempt to do this with Faders and a Video Mixer
    what happens here is it works fine with moving back and forth between two clips, but when I select a new clip the playback jumps to the new one.

    Any ideas would be really appreciated it. I have a performance tomorrow and I'm hoping to get this working (I apologize for being so last minute!) so I don't have to fade clips manually.

    e72743-crossfade-test-2-projectors.izz 64c7b6-crossfade-test-faders.izz

  • Izzy Guru


    What I did is put a trigger delay in front of the one router and a delay inside of the crossfade user actor just to make sure that the triggers do their job in the right order.
    I also deleted your video fade actors they are not necassary and your problem was that the video mixer was set to 50 so your video was not going out in full brightness.