Izzy map strange behaviour

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    I have a strange behaviour when working with the mapping in 2.0.0b12

    The workflow is the following:
    I double click on the texture projector actor
    Inside I go to the output
    I change the shape in the output (dragging the corners around etc...)
    I go to the input, delete rectangle and create a mask
    After doing this, my shape in the output is gone and it created automatically a mask (something I never did and wanted)
    Tried to document the workflow with screenshots

    4d744d-screenshot-2014-11-19-20.09.04.png a84a59-screenshot-2014-11-19-20.09.48.png bdef8f-screenshot-2014-11-19-20.10.00.png

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    This is the correct behaviour. If you delete the rectangle you also delete the output settings you have made. So you first have to delete the rectangle, add a mask (composite) and then go to output to make your settings.


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    Thank you @Michel, didn´t know that it was not possible in that direction.

    All the best,

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