Mapping with the 3D Projectors and Particles Actors

  • Hallo guys,

    does anyone know a way to do an easy mapping with the 3D Projector actors and/ or the Particles actor?

    The only Idea i had, was to syphon the Stageoutput of the 3D / Particles Actors to a new syphon input in the same patch and map them with the texture projector actor to a new stage.

    Does anyone have an easier suggestion?
    And will there be any mapping feature with the 3D projectors/ Particles actors, like in the other projector actors in the future?

    Big thanks in advance

  • Ok, i didn't work alot with the 3d projectors. But found the 3D renderer. I guess this is the way to go!?

    Thanks anyway!


  • Izzy Guru


    Set the "3D particles" actors destination to renderer then place a "3D Renderer" (cpu) or "virtual stage" (gpu) actor and connect it to a projector.


  • Note: the Virtual Stage has problems in the current version. It may work for you, but it also may not. We're hoping to get 2.0.0b16 out for everyone in the next couple of days. The Virtual Stage works well in that version. Please keep your eyes open for that.

    -- Mark

  • Ah, didn't know the virtual Stage yet. But seem to work here.

    Thank's for your help!