Trying to make Isadora play one video clip twice in a row using keytable watcher

  • Hi, guys

    I'm doing a project that involves loading 6 video clips into the media list and using the keytable watcher to assign a letter key to each clip. (A=clip 1, W=clip 2, etc). The key table watcher is connected to the movie slot of the movie player, so that pressing the letter makes the video play.  However, I find that I can't get the movie player to play the same clip more than once in a row. For example, I need clip 1 to play twice, so I hit "A" for a second  time once the clip stops playing and find that it will not play again; it just stays at the end of the clip (since I have loop turned off).  I have to actually press another letter and then go back to "A" for the video to play again.  Is there a way around this?  I'd appreciate any insight you may have regarding this issue, as it is very important for this project to be able to activate videos on command, as many times in a row as I need.


  • I would try a Trigger Value with a value of Zero. Connect the output to the position input of the movie player connect the output of the Key Table Watcher to the trigger of the trigger value. This way each time you press a key the trigger value will reset the position to the beginning of the clip.

  • You're a genius, cam!! that worked perfectly!! Thanks man:D

  • I needed that too. thx!

  • My pleasure... always happy to help!



  • Dear All,

    Note that I posted a further solution to this problem here;