• Hi all:  I am attempting to create a simple hexagon shape in mapping without a 3D shift.  I have created a simple rectangle input using a grid output (using the grid division of 2x1) to form the hexagon.  Beautiful!

    HOWEVER, I have not been able to find a simple way to create a simple hex shape that does not distort the image via the central axis.  I am look for a hex that simply places the regular video-in feed on a hex-stage.  I used simple masking and there are issues when I crossfade between a hex stage created using the grid and one using a traditional rectangle with masks (the full screen image flashes momentarily before projecting only the hex area) (in the performance this will flash other areas not meant to be projected on.
    Image 1 below is the simple grid hex (with axis distortion)
    Image 2 below is the mask being used to create the non-distorted video in
    Image 3 below is the desired final hex out
    Can this be done without using masks?  
    It would be great to have a choice of shapes be the current: rectangle, triangle, circle, and add "**polygon-composite**" (with the option to select the number of sides).  At this point the composite is only four-sided unless I am missing something.
    Thanks in advance...

    516fe6-using-grid.png de9916-masks.png 21d0b0-desired-hex-no-distortion.png

  • Tech Staff

    Hi, this seems like something I should recreate on my test machine.

    If you could create a 'bug report' here: http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    I will happily investigate the white flash.

    As far as a hex shape without distortion, I believe you really want to use the composite mapper (complex mask in earlier pre-releases)
    and add points to a rect in the input, and adjust into hex.. If you have a Hex image or video source to feed the mapper that can help for alignment.

    If you make changes on the input side , it masks the image, and will not distort,
    Any distortion must be done on the output side.

  • Dear @kdobe,

    To ensure that the shape is not distorted, you need to use the composite mask mode as @DusX indicated. Attached is a picture I whipped up a moment ago. I added a rectangle to the composite slice, and then added two points to it by option-clicking. Then moved to points to create a hexagon.
    Hope that helps,


  • Yes! Did nor realize the option-clicking. Thank you both...