Kinect for XBOX one does it work?

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    anyone has some experience with the new kinect sensors? I know you have to buy eather the kinect for windows version or the adapter to run it. But anyone knows if its working then?
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    Good question

  • The computer adapter for kinect for xbox one looks exactly as the adapter that comes with kinect v2 for windows --- judging by its pictures on M$ site, so I assume that the latter is the former plus the adapter. If that's the case, it should work on Windows (you need Windows 8 64 bit to install MS SDK, which is required) and OS X. On OS X I used the ofxKinect v2 addon for openframeworks, to run at about 15 fps. There was a faster GPU version of the same addon, which is claimed to run at 30 fps, but I haven't gotten it to run, two months ago –– perhaps a more stable version is already available. This addon, however, will only give you depth, RGB and IR streams, no skeleton, user or scene data, which is only available with Windows SDK.


  • I actually want to run it with ni mate anyways only to get the IR Stream. I have OSX, so hope it'll work. I'll order the adapter then and tell how it went.

    Only problem its USB 3 only :(

  • I don't think it will work with ni mate, but check with ni mate.


  • Ni mate actually do no support kinect one. I bought today kinect one adapter to play with, but at moment is bit useless at least if you aren't a c++ coder...but may be some one there can suggest usefull software that support it.

  • thanks for the tip, I'll send it back now. My current project plan lays on ni mate...

  • or anyone knows a different software to get the ir feed from the kinect as an alpha mask into isadora?