Movie Player stuttering random videos (1.5.3f28)

  • I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  It started during the final hours of tech and despite my troubleshooting (we are now heading into our 3rd preview performance) continues to allude me.

    It affects scenes at random - I have about 100 scenes firing off videos - the Movie Player glitches the video... the frames try to stutter forward, sometimes they do so very slowly or they seem to skip like a record.  I had been using Photo JPEG format which I rendered out of After Effects or Premiere.  As a troubleshoot I re-rendered them all through MPEG Streamclip.  Of the 100 or so cues I have it seems to happen to 2 or 3 of the cues placed near each other.  It can be reset by clicking off the scene and then reactivating the scene.
    Izzy version 1.5.3f28
    OSX Mavericks
    MBP 2014
    Live video capture via BM Mini Recorder
    We are also running a screen share to the Izzy computer for a remote control.
    Thanks for words of wisdom in advance!

  • An Update:

    Looks like this afternoon the movie we started to experience problems with was a Photo JPEG rendered out of Premiere... it then seemed to carry over the problem in the next scene which was a movie in P. JPEG that had been re-rendered in MPEG Streamclip...  Both of these scenes stuttered until my operator was able to reset the latter scene.  I'm going back and re-rendering the cue that started the problem this afternoon.  I feel like I've read on the forums here that Adobe rendering is not ideal for our uses...maybe I'm making that up...not sure if it is part of the problem.

  • About Premiere(not AE - it has its own renderer) you find information that concerns about H264 rendering here(last comment)
    There seems to be a fair lot of stuff running at the same time with your project. I don't know how much you have or can optimize, but do make all your media same size, same fps and batch convert them.
    I have experienced rather bad performance of PhotoJPG lately and since I adopted the new v.2 I almost use HAP codec exclusively. It seems to give me the best performance on v.1.5.3f28 also. So you may want to try that.

  • Vanakaru, I've been rendering everything as Photo JPEG and am still using Izzy ver 1.5.3f28.  I understand that P JPEG is still the best codec to use for this version of Izzy, no?  So, I'm not sure that the information in this new thread is entirely helpful for me - though great to know when we upgrade to ver 2 this coming season.

    We had our first glitch free show last night!  Time will tell if my problem has been with the rendering or not.  Sure hope so.  Would you recommend that I stop Live Capture when we do not need it?  It's used 3 times in the show - so there are long moments when it's not being used.

  • Yes, it will not matter for you at the moment - I just thought that may have been the place where you red it.

    I do not know why PhotoJPG has given me trouble lately. I have been using this codec successfully over 8 years.
    HAP may be worth to try - it works at least as well as PhotoJPG.
  • Tech Staff

    I hope that things continue to be glitch free for you.

    That said, I would recommend turning off live capture when not needed, it should free some system resources for you.
    Just be sure to restart it with enough initialization time.. It can take a couple seconds to activate in my experiences (this is very much dependant on the hardware being used)

  • Thanks, DusX.  Thanks again, Vanakaru.

    Love the Izzy community here.  You are the best.

  • How do I get the HAP codec into Premier Pro or Quicktime 7? Thanks.

  • @vanderzee

    I think it is enough to install HAP and it would appear as render option.

  • Got it.

    Thank you.
    rendering a sample now

  • Just a quick tip, that HAP perfomance is best on an SSD drive.  I actually struggled with it UNTlL I ran on SSD and then it is super fast... quite amazing.
    It is not AVFoundation compatible, meaning it will still be Quicktime driven in the new Movie Player in Version 2.0 so make sure to set the new Movie Player to interaction mode if you are going to experiment with HAP on Mac.


  • Thanks for the tip.

  • @primaldivine and all:

    Just to clarify something: when playing HAP movies in Isadora 2.0,  it is not a requirement that one choose set the 'optimize' mode to 'performance' in the new Movie Player. Isadora 2.0 will automatically use QT to play the movie. Thus, it will be in 'interaction' mode regardless of the setting of the 'optimize' input.