• _[Edit] Found the answer in the Movie Player loop menu: palindrome. Sorry for asking dumb questions =]_


    I'm new to isadora and I'm still finding my way to do things among all the different actors. 
    I searched the manual and the forum without finding an answer for this: 
    _**How does one make a video to go back and forth, as in a classic "ping pong" loop mode?**_
    This is a really simple thing, which I was a little surprised was not included in the Movie Player!
    Thanks for your help.
    All the best

  • Every time I take a serious look at Isadora I discover something simple that makes a significant difference / improvement / simplification !

    Mark & the Isadora Team simply amaze me !

  • Honestly, I'm really happy I found my way here.

    I've been looking for some time at a lot of different software for experimenting with and prototyping live video manipulation, and this wonderful application delivers just exactly the right combination of user friendliness and programming flexibility.
    And a nice helpful forum on top of that! Awesome!
  • Tech Staff

    Glad you found it. Enjoy. :)