Video wall controller device

  • Hi all,

    For an upcoming production we would need 12 outputs.Movies will all have the same resolution of 400x640px.
    Has anyone had experience with a videowall controller device like the tvone coriomaster mini or others?
    Multiple servers would be the other option.

  • Hello,

    I don't know coriomaster, but i've worked with an electrosonic picbloc system some times ago. It works easily but the problem was (and I think, reading the features, it's the same), it's quite difficult to interface Isadora with their software and hardware, you have to enter into serial communication and hex language, not easy to manage for an artist. At the end it was necessary to adapt my project to their material, 4 doremi video player, 1 window 3 software to program it…
    I don't know with coriomaster, but with electrosonic, it was very difficult to obtain technical help or information to drive a project.
    It depend what you wait from that specific hardware, to be autonomous or to interact with Isadora?
    Hope that help,
    Jacques Hoepffner

  • once the outputs are configured on the videowall controller, they stay the same
    no interaction or interfacing with isadora, this will be done on a separate system
    isadora will only be doing the play out