Motion Sensors, Puppetry, and Haswell-E

  • Hello All,

    first post here. I've been using Isadora for a couple years now for some basic theatre and live vj/performance art. A good friend of mine was selected for this year's Puppet Lab in Minneapolis and has asked me to help blow some minds. Much of the puppetry in this show will be on a physically small scale, hand puppets, a scrolly, etc... So we're looking at various ways of expanding scale through projection.
    Two Questions: 
    1: Is there a pc equivalent to OSCulator? If so, has anyone used it successfully in a live performance? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for adding interactive elements to puppets? 
    2: I'm getting down to ordering the motherboard/cpu for my next computer and would like to use an Asus x-99ws motherboard with a Haswell-E series processor. Has anyone tested or had any issues with the new x-99 chipset?
    Thank you much, I look forward to becoming a part of the Isadora community. -Dan

  • Hi Dan,

    LeapMotion might be a possibility for some of the puppets ([click]( - its a hand tracker that works in about 1m cubed of airspace. there's various apps for it that can generate OSC or MIDI according to hand and finger positions. I use [GECO](
    let us know how the project progresses, it sounds great.
  • Izzy Guru

    Have a look at also.

    There are quite a few people talking about it on this forum.

  • Awesome, thanks for the leads guys. I'll post some videos when the magic starts happening.

  • @ VJMC: I am a Minneapolis based photographer and Isadora User. I work on a Mac platform. I am tinkering with the Leap motion sensor+GECO and the Wii game controller as inputs to Isadora. I have not used either in performance yet. I'm interested in crossing paths to see if we can be of assistance to each other.

  • That would be excellent! We will be experimenting with tech and having the first draft read through the weekend of the 12th. We'll have the theatre to ourselves in the evenings, last weekend we ran till 5am Sunday morning just playing with live feeds.

  • Izzy Guru

    Hope it goes well. Keep us updated :)