Projection Mapping on 3D Objects (e.g. a box)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I just started using Isadora. I am a newbie so please can anyone help me with the following three questions. (My English is not so good so sorry for that)
    1\. How can I  get the Stage output to actually project through an actual projector, when I connect a projector to my computer?
    2\. I know Isadora has a 3D projector. I want to do a very simple program  in which I can project the movie on a cardboard box( and then on different objects). So can anyone tell me how to do this? Like how to cover all the sids of the box? I have multiple projectors.
    3\. Is it possible to do real time 3D projection mapping in Isadora? (I just bought this licence copy which is version 1.3\. So izzy map is not in it.) So is possible to project some movie on a 3D object (e.g a box) and then when I move the box, the projection moves with the box in real time?
    I really appreciate if anyone can help.

  • You don't need IzzyMap to achieve 3 in the best case scenario. Quad Distort projector  does the perspective transform, which should be enough to project rectangular images on rectangular shapes. Animating also can be done by driving the quad corner displacements with, for example, envelope generators.

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  • 1. output > show stages

    2\. you only need one physical projector. 3 projector actors would be useful. as 8 says, Quad Distort is probably the most flexible, but there's a perspective option in the regular projector which might be good for some of your project.
    3\. if you can get the movement data into isadora, then there's no reason why it can't change the distortion parameters in realtime (there's bound to be a slight lag, but it'll cope with slow rotations)

  • Thanks @eight, @Skulptue, @dbini for your help. Are there any video tutorials for Quad Distort available? I am currently watching the videos on youtube by Mark.

    @Skulpture : I have downloaded this zip. Does it directly works or do I need to change any parameters ? 

  • @Charles: The tutorial by @Skulpture shows how to use Quad Distort. Look at this actor's input parameters and learn what they do -– then animate them, beside the corner coordinates (of which there are 8), you could play with zoom, parallel displacements along 3 axes and rotations. You don't have to change any parameters to understand this tut.

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    My patch is automated so it should guide you through it stage by stage. Its quite old now but should still work.

    it's basic but will get you going.