Workshop at Djerassi Resident Artist Program 12 March to 16 March, 2015 with Ian Winters

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    Hello fellow readers,I wanted to share an izzy based workshop coming up in March. Thursday March 12th to Monday March 16th, 2015 I'll be teaching an onsite version of my Extended Now composition and interactive media workshop at Djerassi Resident Artist Program in the mountains above Woodside, CA.**

    For more details and to apply please visit the Djerassi website** at or my own website at

    I hope you’ll considering joining me as it should be a fantastic workshop (with the rare opportunity to be in residence at Djerassi), along with the support of the Djerassi staff and Dan Tosh’s (Djerassi’s resident chef) wonderful meals.

    Abbreviated description below:
    About the workshop:
    Geared toward performance makers, visual artists and musicians interested in exploring new media tools, the Extended Now workshop  explores technical and compositional strategies for integrating live and interactive media in performance and site-specific installation. Our time is split between the development of technical skills and creating short site-specific interventions, installations and performances in the fabulous landscape and buildings of Djerassi, culminating in a Sunday evening workshop performance at Djerassi for students and invited guests.

    The technical aspects of the workshop focus on the use of Isadora as a software tool to easily integrate recorded & live visual imagery / video, lighting, sound and sensor information as core parts of physical performance, dance and installations, combining a solid grounding in Isadora basic to intermediate fundamentals with the creation of hands on site specific work.  Depending on student interest / skills we may also touch on integration with Max/MSP, Processing, and the creation of simple physical sensors using teensy & Arduino.  Included as a part of the workshop will be a private consultation with Ian to review your project.

    On the compositional side a few questions / thoughts inform the workshop: How long is now? What happens when the now of performance is extended through image, sound, light, and repetition / amplification / contrast? What does interaction mean in a sensor-driven world and where does the ‘interaction’ occur? How can these tools extend choreography beyond the body to ideas of attention and experience? What kinds of compositional strategies / tools / scores can be used to work across divergent media?

    For more details and to apply please visit the Djerassi website at or my own website at The workshop price includes full meals and lodging at Djerassi, equipment usage, airport pickup in San Francisco or Oakland and varies by your choice of lodging (couple sharing room $650/ea, private room $800 or private room & bath $1200).

    The workshop is by application only through Djerassi and **the application deadline is Friday, Dec. 17th, 2014.**Please feel free to send questions to me at ian AT


    Ian Winters