ISADORA as a replacement for DT Video Labs 'Playback Pro'

  • I'm thinking of getting Izzy for a Performance School doing some creative things, but I thought I might start off with creating a video player similar to Playback Pro as a starter project.   Because I know it from my day job as a video engineer for corporate shows, I figured it would be a great way for me to learn Izzy's logic/controls.  Some things look pretty straightforward and then...  Also, it might be a way for other newbies following along, to get into Isadora.   Attached are screen shots of the PBPro program, the two smaller pics are the different controls for modifying the movie before it is taken to screen.

    *So I used the bin picker for the list-of-movies section and came across my first question.  Is there any way to change the order of the list in the bin picker itself, or if a director gives you a play order would Izzys way be to assign say number keys to the different movies in the list.  (In PBPro you just drag & drop the movie names into the order in which you want them to playback.)

    *And before I get too far along, In PBPro, if I set audio levels or geometry/aspect ratio for a movie, those settings stick with just that movie when I take it to screen.  So far, the only way of doing that that I can see is by creating a separate movie projector for each movie. Is that the best way to do it or is there a way to 'save' the settings for each movie in a separate actor that then transfers those settings to just on movie player?

    I hope these questions are not too basic, (I'm not a programmer), and that you are patient with me as I put this together.  Thanks.

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    • If you want to change the order of the movies in the "bin picker" you have to change them in the Media Window.
    • Having seperate audio levels and aspect settings you can use the "snapshot function" thats the camera symbol on the left top.
           Take a snapshot for each settings/movie.
           Use the "recall snapshot" actor and trigger it with a delay of 0.5 seconds (play with the time to get the movie and settings change at the same time).

    To update a snapshot hover the snapshot number you want to update with the mouse and press "ctrl + mouse click".


  • Michel, thank you for your suggestions.  I got called up for a gig and will get some time to actually check this out over the weekend - maybe.  The recall snapshot actor sounds like a very useful/powerful actor, thanks for the tip/heads-up.  And moving the order of the movies in the media window, one of those small details I forgot...  Thanks for the reminder.  This is going to be an interesting journey!

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    Hadn´t the snapshot feature in my workflow. Definitely going to make its way in optimizing my patches

  • Thanks for the Snapshot ideas. Never understood it before.

  • hi VidE

    Did you end up making a 'Playback Pro'-type patch in Izzy?

    I'm working on incorporating 'instant replay' for a section in a new project, so any pointers would be welcome. -mike