How to draw a polygon with specified corner coordinates?

  • Hey!

    I want to draw a custom polygon shape with every point having specified x and y coordinates.
    Does anyone have a solution on how to do that?

  • Hello,

    One question is "how many gones"
    One easy solution for rectangle would be to use 3D quad distort, feed it with background color and make calculation to put each angle where you want.
    For more "gones", I would use Processing with syphon, it's not trivial but it works.
    Hope that helps
    Jacques Hoepffner

  • Lines Actor sorry, i just dug out an old patch of a rotating pyramid i constructed out of triangles made with 3D Line Actors.

    i've stripped it down to its minimum so it might make sense.


  • attached you ail find a "hardcoded" mask utilizing 1024 polygon mask

    a bit of quartz composer ….
    but worked well for us before isadora beta 2 come out
    or you could publish the x y coordinates of a custom shape in the new projector in izzy 2

  • @dbini

    Thanks! Some stringent patching you made there. I love the clear headedness of this forum :-)
    Have any ideas on how to fill it with a fill color?... (sorry I'm asking to much here I know!)
    I couldn't open your document because I don't have the KinemeStructureMaker plugin.

  • @Ubik if you are still interested the missing plug can be found at kineme site

    if you take dbini's example and modify it by using the quad distort actor and giving him the missing 4 values (x3y3x4y4) in stead of the 3d lines then you are close
    a couple of question:
    do you want it as a mask (solid color) 
    a mapping (filled with video texture) 
    with a fixed size (numbers of points won't change) 
    or flexible e.g a growing number of points
    will it be modified during the performance or just for setup
    thinking about cpu / gnu performance how many do you intend to use

  • coloured polygons is a different matter entirely. i can't think of a way of doing it right now. sorry.

    i might use that pyramid patch in a show tomorrow.

  • Hello,

    I come back with a new proposition for polygon with processing. That's a "quadrilatère" but it's easy to make an nGone.
    Here are 1 processing file who receive corner coordinates, fill color, stroke color and weight from Isadora by OSC
    and send image to Isadora by Syphon, and 1 Isadora file who draw it.
    You need to download Processing
    the syphon library
    the OSC library
    I hope that works for you. Feel free to use and transform it.
    Jacques 55215e-envoipolygon.izz

  • @jhoepffner Hey, Thanks! I'll take a look on it!

  • Nice example, thanks! @jhoepffner
    Worked right "out of the box" ! ha ha LOL...
    Makes me happy to see these things.
    Thanks for your generosity :)

    Also great. What a fabulous bunch of peeps!  :)