Could anyone please help me out?

  • I have been looking for a chat room for quite a while now, I wish to add it to a broadcasting web site. I found many that seems good but the top two are Xcat or RumbleTalk? Anyone out there can share with me his experience with this two ? Other recommendations?

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    Not to sound rude but; How is this relevant to Isadora?

  • What do you mean?

    Well I managed to do the integration and I went with Rumbletalk and I love it so far(using it for a year or so now) I hope this post will help to someone having the same problem as I had because it is really frustrating.
    Well just that you will know a bit more, Rumbletalk has so many different features, so many that you maybe need like 20% of them. I specially like the option to be able to change the design just as much as I would like, it is not a resourse hog for my webpage and blog, I like that I am able to post youtube videos, charts and pictures. You can also add the same chat room in several pages, messages automatically synch across all chat room instances, which I like a lot as well. See more here [c]([hat room features](