Problem with MIDI between Izzy and Live

  • I try to play MIDI notes from Izzy 2.0.0.b12 to Ableton Live 9 Standard (9.1.6). I use Send Note actor which I send to Isadora Virtual Out. I can see notes on a midi monitor software, but they don't show in Live (Isadora Virtual Out selected). Beside that, I can send controls to Live from Izzy and it reacts from various external MIDI devices without hassle. I followed several tutorials found here and on other forums, but no change.

    Mac OSX 10.9.5
    Thanks for your help,

  • Have you enabled isadora Virtual Out as an input in Ableton?

  • Yes I did. I succeeded by turning everything off and on again, but it keeps causing problem.

  • Working fine now ! And seems stable !

  • Glad its working.

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