Using 3D Player, 3D renderer for 3D Projection Mapping

  • Hello,

    I am trying to do some 3D projection mapping. I have a wooden rectangular block on which I have to project. I tried 3D QuadDistort actor and a rectangular shape and the front face is projection mapped. However, The top and side (I am trying to projection map these three sides) are not that accurate. Now in 3D player we  can get a 3ds model. But I dont know how to use 3D Player and 3D renderer like I cannot see the output of the 3D Player.

    So can anyone help me with how to use 3D PLayer (how can I see the cube.3ds model), 3D Renderer Also what is the best way to do accurate 3D projection mapping ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you set renderer in destination in the 3d player actor?

  • @feinsinn Yes, I can now see the 3d cube and adjust it. But its just a flat image. How can see the entire 3D cube?

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    Can you take a screen shot of your patch - can't quite figure out your set up.

  • @skulpture Hello,

    I have attached the setup and o/p. I am projection on top and front of the block. But I need to changes all parameters when I move the block
     I have following questions
    1) Is there an way to do this in which I need to change less parameters for this projection?
    2) I am tracking the block and have its co ordinates data. There are MIDI messages. Is there a way I can use this in Isadora, so I can use this MIDI data in Isadora, so when I move the block the projection automatically follows it?
    I know Isadora has MIDI setup. Can you tell me how to do this?

    cc5de7-screen-shot-2014-12-11-at-3.05.42-pm.png d2d710-demo.jpg

  • Also is there a way to capture the OSC messages for real time projection mapping on 3D Objects?

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    1) Video mapping is quite time consuming and due to the nature of it, small changes can often mean all 4 points of each edge need to be changed (in general). 
    2) When you say you are  'tracking' the block - do you mean you have this working already? This is quite advanced if you are doing this!
    It seems what you are trying to do is automatic video mapping tracking. This is **super** advanced stuff. I've not done it. A friend of mine is exploring moving theatre staging at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and trust me - its complex. 
    I also think you should wait until you can get your hands on version 2 of isadora. It will do all the video mapping much easier and in a lovely GUI. You can also publish all the co-ordinates and link it to MIDI/OSC, etc. This is due for public release soon. 
    The 3D quad method is an old method really. The fine adjustments are tricky and well - just not ideal. Amazing for its time and still useful but not perfect for what you want.
    Lastly; MIDI only as 128 steps. (0-127 with 0 included) this is not enough data to smoothly track moving objects. OSC is your friend here - it's just another protocol.
    So; in summary. I am not being negative but tracking a moving box in 3D space whilst projecting onto it is hard. 
    D3 (a big media server company) are looking in this tech now but it's still not perfect:

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  • @skulpture Thanks for your help :)

  • Hello all,

    My 3d player actor crashes Isadora after every 5 minutes of putting in to the scene. Also the output of 3d player can't be seen even setting the destination to 3d renderer. I am using virtual stage as 3d renderer and Isadora on windows 8.1.