Using Isadora with Qlab. How can I cue a scene using Qlab?

  • I have a programing question regarding the use of a midi signal with Qlab. The projection show that I designed was chosen to go on tour, however there won't be a projection operator to work the Isadora program. I am attempting to use midi controller with Q lab to simplify sound and projection for the SM. I figured out how to attach a midi controller to jump scenes, but it only goes forward. What do I need to create or what actor do I need to use in Isadora to have the cues in Qlab correspond/activate to each scene individually in Isadora? Basically, if i need to go back a few cues in Qlab, i need it to do the same in Isadora.

    Many Thanks.

  • Hi,
    You need to add a send note command to each cue of Qlab to trigger scenes of Isadora.
    In my example, I use midi notes. Note 1 for scene 1, note 2 for scene 2... But you can use Midi Control Change, Midi Show Control, or OSC too.
    You have to copy all midi watchers and scene jump in every scene of Isadora. (You can make a user actor of all watcher to simplify your patch.)
    In order to stop both softwares when you jump scenes in non sequential order (rehearsal), assign the same stop button of your midi controller to QL and Isadora. (in this case, it's note 127).


  • Izzy Guru

    It looks like fifou has already answered your question.

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