"Mapmap" new free and open source macosx debian ubuntu mapping software

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    Just seen that. not tested yet

    [EDIT: changed the name to the correct name -- MC]
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  • I am a little bit afraid with the instal procedure, and who need mapper now? Isadora rules the world!

  • Yes Isadora can do this (if you have v2) but the install procedure should not be scary. Gstreamer is a great library, one that a lot of people are using now, it does super fast encoding and playback and is cross platform (a lot of folks are using it as a quicktime replacement). Generally people do not package it with the software that uses it. A lot of software that has a single click installer will actually put a whole lot of garbage on your computer anyway. This one seems less troublesome.

  • Dear Fred, by curiosity, I tried to install Gstreamer and open MapMap with no result. I think it's not made for me, a little bit like D::Light… The good version of X11, the right version of Gstreamer, the working version of MapMap for the installed version of MacOs, too much trouble for me. I have only one life!

    All the best, Jacques

  • @jhoepffner, If I get time I will try the process myself and see if I can get it going. I already use gstreamer and have it installed.