I am missing something in blending projectors

  • Good morning,

    I'm trying to take a single image, send it to 6 projectors (through (2) Matrox Triple Head to Go units), to create a full blended image on an RP screen. I expected with the new edge blending output that this would be easier to achieve than what I've cobbled together in the past, but I'm getting odd outputs.

    I'm sending a single picture player with a 3072 x 1536 resolution to (6) 1024x 768 projectors (stacked 3 across x 2 high), and would imaging that it should give me enough pixels to spread across the projectors.  In "Stage" preferences I've assigned stages 1-3 to Display 2; 4-6 to Display 3, and divided each group as Left/Center/Right thirds.  The (6) projector actors are assigned to Stages 1-6.  Each projector was double clicked and the Izzy Map set for an output of 1024 x 768.

    When I plug from the picture player to the projector (leaving all values as default), I get a full picture image in each stage, so 6 individual images. Zooming out spreads the image across the 6 projectors, but seems arbitrary...what value do you choose, where do you position each portion of the image so the image will line up?

    Is there a way to tell Isadora that I'm taking this one image and want to split it up among 6 projectors, and have Isadora do the math to spread it out? I would assume that then entering Output/Stage Setup would allow me to work with the edge blending to help the six projectors blend together.

    Somewhere I'm making a logistical error, so any help would be appreciated.



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    Have you changed the ~Stage Number~ in the projector actor from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?

  • Yes...6 projector actors with #'s 1-6

  • i think you have to use the chopper actor and chop the 3072 x 1536 image  in 3 parts before sending it to the individual projector...

  • I tried your suggestion Bodo--no luck.  If anyone has a flow chart of a successful blend of multiple projectors--which actors might I use, and what kind of zoom is needed, I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts.

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    Have you tried the newly released Early Bird version (b16 i think)?
    Also, I am curious what happens if you replace the projectors with new ones, set the stage number and Do Not activate the mapping feature.

    It sounds like you have the triple heads setup correctly in the preferences. Being 2 displays set across the 6 stages, and split into 3rds.

    can you attach a screen grab of your patch?

  • Sorry to take so long to mount these...thanks for any input.
    189562-screen-shot-2014-12-22-at-8.28.29-am.png 4cf78b-screen-shot-2014-12-22-at-8.31.10-am.png

  • HI Folks,
    Here is one solution. Next step would be to add the feathering in the Stage Setup window (v2.0) if you need it.

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    I wouldn't use the panner. i'd use the chopper (for pictures) or chopper fast for video

  • Hi all,

    This is all really helpful as I mostly produce on large background for our productions.  Is there a way to use the CI actors to accomplish the same thing?