• Attached are images of the curved wall I'm working with, the izzymap interface, and the mapped projector actor. I'm wondering if I need to do something or perhaps there's an improvement possible in izzymap.
    The images lines up with the grid lines and the handles, but it gets warped in between as if the distortion is not interpolated in between the grid. I could increase the density of the grid but that defeats the purpose of using the technology. Also adding points to the grid seems to reset the Bezier handles of the pre-existing points. I think it'd be easier to add density to the grid if those points were not reset and the new point interpolated their handles from the pre-existing points. -I'll submit this as a feature request.

    db808e-izzymap.jpg 830b13-map.izz

  • one solution I found that seems to work good  -since it took a day of mapping the thing over and over, and submitting the report, - is to decrease the granularity to 2 (from 16).

    the curved lines are still there, but I know that's between the curvature of the wall and the 0.3:1 short throw projector


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    Looks great. I have been wondering who was going to be the first to do a project with a curved surface.