Vuo New Pricing

  • FYI.. the upgrades are only valid for one a year. Then... ? (It doesnt make clear what happens after that)

    _"Once you've purchased Vuo, you can get each upgrade for just $24\. For example, if you buy Vuo 1.1, then you can get the 1.2 upgrade for $24\. You can get the upgrade price for up to one year after you most recently bought or upgraded Vuo. "_

    So you have to factor in $149 for a Pro license plus a minimum of $24 per year if you only do one minor update.  Its a little unclear how much you will end up paying., since the number of minor updates per year is not defined.  But it is new software. There will certainly need to be regular minor updates. At $24 each.

    IMHO... They aren't calling it a subscription anymore, but it still feels a bit like you will end up needing to make regular payments anyway...

    Is Vuo using Core Video under the covers? I mean is it basically designed on top of QC? Does anyone know how they are building it? Its just that QC is soon going to be thrown out by Apple... meaning will Vuo then also become obsolete?

  • @Skulpture

    Okay, I see, it's a personal preference rather than a technical reason?
    Vuo is not built on QC it would defeat the purpose of Vuo, it's their own framework which they intend to make cross platform.
    If you look at previous point releases you can see how much in general your $24 will get you by way of upgrade and their frequency. My partner spends more than $24 on coffee a week so I don't see $24 every few months or minimum $24/yr for a worthwhile upgrade as bank breaking. There's a lot of information on the Vuo site about their roadmap and the developers have a credible track record with their Kineme tools which is why I think it's worth a punt. It's just another option to use or ignore.
    The VDMX guys have confirmed after they release the 64bit version of VDMX then Vuo composition support is high on their priorities. I expect Vuo will gain much more interest once this happens given the popularity of VDMX and the complete lack of attention Apple is giving to QC.

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    FYI I've bought a license out of curiosity. :)

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    For a fee they will translate your existing quartz composer patch to vuo. I think it's a great successor for quartz composer.


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    Well Graham and me bought it together, a special offer at the min $49 for a basic license and a free license for a friend.

    Looking forward playing with it.


  • I bought it at the weekend and so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. I'd be interested in what you all think.

    I'm late to the whole interactive video game so I haven't learnt Quartz Comp beyond a basic level so I thought in for a penny in for a pound and I'll start learning Vuo instead. I did look at Max but I thought that was a whole bigger ball game that I wouldn't use so when you said you use Max @Skulpture I thought I might've made the wrong choice.
    Anyway Vuo seems like it'll add the processing/generative graphics to a project I'm developing on along with VDMX and Isadora.

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    I guess I was taught Max so I have a decent head start with it, but I have not used it in 4/5 years so all the interface has changed since with many new modules i'm sure.

    Ive had a 'tinker' with VUO in demo mode and get it but its not as fluid as good old isadora! isadora is always going to be my number 1 tool to be honest so i'm openly bias. ;)
    But VUO is nice I will keep exploring. 
    I have VDMX aslo btw :)

  • :) Anyone want to buy it with me, and share the cost as per their special offer?

    @Unfenswinger  thanks for the info.

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    @primaldivine interested

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    @primaldivine sent an email

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    I have been waiting on any news about a first cross platform version.

  • I quickly looked at it, and although I liked what I saw, I was disappointed not to see an explicit timeline feature. Is time control embedded into the VUO graph itself? Without explicit time control running the patch seem to be cumbersome, especially for untrained video technicians.

    Another thing: The docs say I would have to compile vuo patch into a stand alone app. Is this a requirement, or can I run the patch without compilation –– if so, what are the drawbacks -- lower FPS?
    Has anybody used their SDK, programmed custom glsl shaders –– this seemed a possibility.
    Has anybody tried to use VUO as a custom actor (via syphon or otherwise) with Isadora?
    I would also buy it with a "friend". Please PM me if you are interested in sharing costs.

  • @8

    Time control is available in Vuo with nodes like FirePeriodically and MeasureTime. If you want timeline control then maybe look at Vezer or Millumin. I use Vezer to sync and control Apps with OSC. Edit: The 1.1 update will feature, 
    • Node for firing events at certain scheduled times
    You don't have to compile the only difference I've noticed is that Apps start immediately and running compositions take 1-2 seconds to start. I've not seen any performance difference in the limited tests I've done in fact the performance looks pretty good I moved 600 high poly 3d spheres around at 60 fps.
    There is a node called Make Image with Shadertoy for programming custom GLSL shaders. The SDK also contains the ability. For non programmers like me ISF shaders are on the roadmap which will be good.
    So far I have not piped anything into Isadora from Vuo but it definitely supports Syphon so it shouldn't be an issue.
    Hope that helps.