Looking for Tut on how to setup/texture/project/interact with a 3d object.

  • Some 3d Tuts out there?  I would like to create a room in C4D export in .3ds, export a texture (it seems Izzy is looking for 'mat_colo.jpg' in the same folder?) to go with it and then control its rotation and position during performance.  It would be nice to independently control a simple .3ds table or other virtual objects.  Is this possible in Isadora?  Some tuts on basic 3d would be handy, seen one from Graham Thorne on particles but that's it so far.  BTW, the Thorne tuts in general are great, feel free to keep them coming!


  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks @VidE :)

    I am not that up on proper 3D stuff. Therefore I am not sure what you mean by _"__independently control a simple .3ds table or other virtual objects."_ if this has anything to do with animation/key stoning then I'm afraid this can't be done.
    But you can indeed rotate, zoom etc once it's imported. You should be able to add a light source and all sorts in the stage too.
    I am also not sure about the missing JPEG. I will try and have a look over the next few days - it's been a while since ive looked at 3D objects. 
    Graham (skulpture)
  • Tech Staff

    Each .3ds file is controllable as a whole. There is no access to sub components.
    You can however position a number of .3ds files on the stage, and position them in relation to each other.
    And as Skulpture mentioned the 3d lighting actor/s can light the combination of 3ds files in the scene.

    So in this way you can have a 3ds file that is say a floor, and 2 rear walls, then another that is the table. 
    You would then have many controls available to you that would allow you to animate the table.
    Each 3ds file can have one texture. I have created these in Blender before, but honestly, I don't know blender well so it was a tricky trial and error sort of thing.. The texture needs to be in the same folder as the 3ds when creating it... thats about all I remember.