Some problems with "show stages" on Win 7 64 bit

  • Hello there,
    maybe any one got some advice for my problem - i bought a Lenovo Laptop with Win7 64 bit on it - it has an integrated graphic card (ATI Mobility 3650 Radeon) and i got all drivers updated - Isadora works fine with all the actors running  - except when i want to "show stages" Isadora crashes due to an APP-Crash and shuts down. Is there a hint or a special feature for this? Is there a special version of Isadora for 64 bit? Or is there anything i can do regarding the settings and / or drivers? If someone could help me with that issue - or has someone made a similar experience?

    Best regards (hoping for help),

    P.S.: If you need more specifications i can post it here

  • Hmmmm... I run Isadora on Windows 7 64 Bit -- so that in of itself is not the problem. Are you using the Stage Preview actor by any chance?

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  • I, too am on Windows 7 64 Bit and Izzy runs fine.

    Show stages is sometime a bit wierd for me, but has never proved to be a real problem.



  • Hello Mark, hello CitizenJoe,
    Problem is fixed now - the crash occured due to the fact that i have indeed the ATI-drivers installed  - but not the Lenovo-Drivers for the ATI-Graphics-Card. Quite tricky - and i was not aware of this small difference can cause Isadora-crashes. But i guess, i am smater now.... - everything runs fine as it should, and i am happy and ready for work :)

    Thanks alot for the quick response from you guys,
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  • RE: "Lenovo-Drivers" -- please explain because I don't have the foggiest notion what you're talking about! I'd like to understand so I can help other Isadora drivers. 


  • Oh - my Notebook is an Lenovo T500 a so called "ThinkPad" which were originally produced under the guard of IBM - Lenovo is a chinese computer producer ( and they have some kind of "special" drivers for their hardware (at least it is what was told to me by the company who sold me the Notebook) - usually the "normal" drivers should do as well - but in this case it had to be the driver from the Lenovo-support-page - i can only guess that this is some kind of company-solution-thing. And i dont know why the drivers from the support-page of the company who built the graphic-card did cause Isadora to crash - and with the driver from the Lenovo-page there is no crashing.... - i will just take it as it is - and being sorry for my english (it is not as good as it should be....)

    Best regards, Martin

  • Dear Martin,

    In other words, it was a driver specific problem that was causing the crash. Thank you for explaining this; it will help me support other users in the future.
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