• Hello, I'm using a digi 002 device and mac pro 2010 under snow leopard. I  have routed isadora outpout (Ch 1, ch2, ch3) on the output of the digi (ext1-2, ext3-4, ext 5-6). But when there were two player at the same time on the same channel, the previous player stopped. It's impossible to play two sound from different player on the same channel. Does anybody get information about that?

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  • Izzy Guru

    What actors are you using for the audio? Sound Players or audio from within a movie? (movie player actor?)

  • I m using sound players

  • Izzy Guru

    You may have done this already so apologies if so:

    But make sure each sound player has the 'play channel' set tot he desired output.


  • Thanks for the awsers, that´s what I.ve down, this 3 player is to play média from protools 5.1, but i want to spatialize 2 more sound so I need 9 players, and when 1 player is going on, i cannot send a second one because it´s stopped the precedent. So....i don't Know what to do for the control's sending of the 3 sound

  • I've found the solution. 

    Each time I want to send a different sound at different time in the same output, I must use another player with another channel. Here I can use 6 players.
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    3c5dd9-out-izz..tiff 3f84f2-out-izz..tiff