Active Silicon LFG 4 and 2.0

  • Iam running a Active Silicon LFG 4 in a MacPro 5.1. The Card was working fine in 1.3.1f06 except the little bug that it was always starting up in NTSC and i, only working in PAL, had to switch manually to PAL everytime i restarted Izzy. I did this via the "Live Capture Settings", Settings-Button, Source and then NTSC/PAL dropdownmenu.

    In Izzy 2.0 the Settings-button is greyed out. I guess this has something to do with the replacing of the QT Kit Capture. Since i have no access to NTSC cams and my Sony cams don't have a NTSC mode, does it mean i can throw the Card into the trash? Does anybody know the trick or a workaround?
    What is the Capture Kit in 2.0.0b16 right now AVFoundation or Blackmagic API?
    I really would like to go on with this Card, cause it worked great for years and i know no other device that can capture four independent feeds with low latency and in a good framerate.
    Thanks in advance
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    What I can say is Izzy uses AVFoundation and QTKit for palyback, for capturing it still uses QTKit and new the Blackmagic API.


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    Yeah, we're having the same problem.  Have reverted back to using 1.3.1f06 until there's a fix.

    On the same topic, however, has anyone had experience using 3 Active Silicon cards (2 inputs each) with Izzy?  Having a problem with Blackmagic and want to upgrade one of my systems anyway.  Please advise.  

  • Got the 2.2.2 today. Have the same setup, LFG4, MacPro5.1 and OSX 10.9.5. Sometimes during Live capture settings Isadora exits with an error.

    I would be happy if I could use LFG4 too.