Text recognition

  • Hello Forum,

    out of a large text every 4 seconds I randomly pick blocks of 150 characters with the Text Chopper, which are then projected and read out loud -- sometimes a quite funny action.
    Now I would like to trigger something else if certain words do appear in the picked blocks - let's say 'Theater'.
    With my not existing programming skills I thought this might be possible with the Text Parser, so I put
    inside and do get a trigger at the msg rcv, but only if the input is exactly 'Theater' and not with my whole blocks. I then tried
    resulting in a warm smile by the Text Parser...
    Any hints how to accomplish this or if it is at all possible?

  • Which version are you running? The java script actor in 2 would do it for you.

  • Hallo Reinhard,

    please have a look at this one


  • Thanks @Fred,

    I'm on the early adopter version and was afraid of an answer containing the word 'javascript'...
    So I will try and presumably come back here soon with the next questions.

  • @m_theater

    Thanks a lot! It does the job. I owe you a beer and as it seems that we're both located in Berlin it really could happen.

  • that could be a start for 2015 isadora meeting in berlin, anyone interested ?

  • Great idea!

    On the 14th of February I could even provide a venue for such an event.
    So, Berlin guys, sign this list!

  • ....would like to join you - but on tour on the 14.2. - maybe you should start an extra chat for a berlin izzy regulars table...

    best Bodo

  • after rethinking the text parser approach

    i have to admit that it stops if the sting block contains another word with a capital T
    so attached is a java script approach
    best clemens


  • Wow brilliant!

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